Past Officers

2014-2015 School Year:

10653698_10203598620620603_6443456267794668244_nMichel Plazas


お はようございます! My name is Michel Plazas. I am a junior at USF majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. Although I am studying a hard science, I have been greatly interested in Japanese culture ever since I began to watch anime seriously during high school. Although I am your run-of-the-mill anime fanboy, I have come to love Japan even more for it’s rich history and customs. Folk music, religion, and food are my most favorite subjects of Japanese culture. I also practice playing the Shakuhachi flute and train as a judoka which I find allows me to get a more personal feel for Japanese culture (It’s also really fun). I look forward to making J-Club a conduit for those interested in Japanese culture to socialize with others; and bringing the culture to the USF community.

IMG_0015Garrett Bremer


I am Garrett Bremer. Currently, I am a senior in Finance, getting ready to start my Masters. Systems of numbers are my forte, and I am working on getting a job as a stock broker/trader right out of college. I like to invest in stocks, get plenty of exercise, and have a hobby of spinning fire poi. I enjoy many aspects of Japanese culture, as well as the beautiful landscape of the country itself. Since joining J-club, I have been gaining more in-depth knowledge of Japan through the presentations at our events, and making many good friends. The USF J-club truly has wealth of culture and social experiences to share.


Liselle Loyola


Hello there! My name is Liselle Loyola, and I’m a happy-go-lucky, bubbly, and hardworking individual. This is my second year at USF. I am actually in the nursing program and started this fall semester! I like to read, watch anime, and make all the puns. I joined the Japanese club because I wanted to try something different. Although I watched anime, I wanted to learn more about the Japanese culture itself and expand my horizon on cultural knowledge. When I became more active in J-Club last spring, I found people who were like me, people with whom I can be comfortable. J-Club has become one of my favorite organizations, and I am so glad I joined!

10678798_10203611497782524_6916526171594941162_nRobby Owens

Cultural Chair

Hi all, I’m a junior here at USF seeking my degree in international studies. I am the cultural chair for J-club this year and I’m very excited to share with you my love for Japanese culture! I first became interested in Japan when I saw Spirited Away as a child and was fascinated by the vastly different culture and style. Ever since, I’ve had a growing desire to learn and understand all about Japanese culture, language, and especially food. See you at the meetings!

10628328_10203598625540726_4650418098027707947_nAaron Maisler

Public Relations Chair


Krystal Lowe

Digital Design

I am Krystal and this is my second year at USF. I am majoring in Communication and am from Miami. I stumbled upon Japanese culture thanks to anime. I like singing, playing volleyball, writing poems, and taking pictures. I am also a big fan of languages and music. I am trying to learn to longboard and am currently the Events Assistant at the College of Arts and Sciences.

IMG_0022vSamantha  Connolly


は じめまして! My name is Samantha Connolly. I am currently a senior at USF studying Integrative Animal Biology. I plan to go to veterinary school after I graduate. Along with my biology degree I am also learning Japanese at USF. I enjoy anime, art, animals and most things that are considered nerdy. This will be my second year as an officer for J-Club and I can’t wait to see old faces and meet some new people. Let’s make this the best year yet!


Fernando Sierra


Hello, my name is Fernando Sierra and I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science. I was born in central Mexico and have lived the last nine years in Florida. I am one of two historians for J-Club this year and I decided to join in order to expand  my interaction with different people and cultures. I enjoy learning about Japanese language/culture and plan on studying abroad during my time at USF. My hobbies include photography, bonsai, roller skating, video games, skydiving, and astronomy. I look forward to meeting new people, enjoying all the club activities, and taking lots of pictures this year^^.

10636042_10203598623660679_1853053018180887374_nPatricia Mojica

Decorations Chair

My name is Patricia Mojica, and I am a third year college student majoring in Creative Writing. I was born in Yokosuka, Japan, and grew up in the Japanese cities Atsugi, Sasebo, and Iwakuni. While living in Japan, I experienced the old and new culture of Japan from visiting castles and historical sites to listening to J-pop. I also like to read manga and watch anime in the Japanese language. After entering J-club, I felt more at home while learning more of the Japanese culture, meeting new people along the way. As the Decorating Chair, my job is to create artistic decorations for Night in Tokyo and Harumatsuri.

IMG_0012Aleem Warris

Marketing Chair

My name is Aleem Waris, I am majoring in Chemical Engineering, and I am born and raised right here in Tampa. I came to find the Japanese Club through stumbling into a meeting with a few friends, and ended up loving everyone that made up J-Club. They really welcomed me in, and introduced me to a unique student life experience. In my spare time, I like to eat and try new foods, watch cartoons, drink Chocolate Milk, and talk a lot. I’m really friendly(awkward), so don’t feel afraid to say hi. I look forward to meeting you all!

JaylonJaylon Grant

Social Chair

My name is Jaylon Grant, I was born and raised in The Caribbean Island of Antigua and Barbuda. I lived there for 12 years, and then I moved here in August of 2004. Where I completed Middle School- To the present University level. I am in my Junior year, I am a Sociology major, so Social Chair is the perfect title for me. I am a good humored Individual, and I truly enjoy J-Club for the down to earth. open armed, welcoming and truly always awesome atmosphere that we have created and always will have. I look forward to catching up with Old friends this semester, and meeting new friends as well!

Senior Adviser:  Jillian Azares

Senior Adviser: Risa Ton

Officers of the 2013-2014 School Year:


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