Meet the 2015-2016 J-Club Officers!

Aleem Waris



Hey everyone! My name’s Aleem, and I’m the president for this year’s J-Club. I joined J-Club because I found they gave me a really good sense of self and I found a family within them. We all like to bond and hang out over our mutual love for the culture, and I hope you will too! Currently, I’m in my 3rd year at USF, and my major is Chemical Engineering. In my spare time, I like to simply conversate with others, go hiking, be outdoors, play sports, I watch a lot of cartoons (Simpsons is my life), drink chocolate milk, and go to punk rock shows. If you ever see me in person, don’t feel free to say hi! I hope we make J-Club an amazing year for you all \(^_^)/.

Luis Freiri Jr.

Vice President


Hello/こんにちは! I’m Luis Anthony Frieri, Jr. (ルイス・アンソニー・フリエリ・ジュニア) your Vice President for the 2015-2016 school year. I’m really proud to serve as your Vice President. I’m double majoring in Political Science and International Studies, and I’m also aiming for a History minor and USF’s Asian Studies Certificate. Additionally, I’m also a big foreign language enthusiast. I’ve taken German, French, Spanish, and Japanese classes. Currently I plan to continue with Japanese V, and I hope to go all the way up to Japanese VI. I really love immersing myself with all international cultures, but, my biggest concentration has been centered on Asia. All in all, I love all our universities multicultural clubs that celebrate our diversity and make our world a beautiful place! Together, we build bridges! I hope to see you all at our amazing J-Club events. J-Clubへようこそ! Welcome to J-Club!

Krystal Lowe



I’m the secretary of J-Club and in my third year. I joined J-Club because I like their culture and language. In my free time I like to hang out with friends, sing, and shop. My interests range from playing basketball, volleyball and board games to going to museums/galleries to volunteering.

Jessica Pizzolato



Hello, my name is Jessica Pizzolato and I am a senior here at USF. I am an International Business major and am studying Japanese for my language requirement. I grew up watching Pokemon (like many kids of this generation) and other anime, as well as playing Nintendo video games, which acted as an introduction to Japanese pop-culture for me. As I grew older, my interest in different aspects of Japanese culture also grew. I went on a two-week study abroad trip to Japan this summer (2015) and it was truly an amazing experience. Besides Japanese language and culture, my other interests include cooking, fashion, video games, animals, and science (neuroscience in particular). As treasurer, I hope I am able to manage the finances in a way that allows all of our events to be a success, so that J-Club members can have a meaningful experience!

Steven Fung-On

Cultural Chair

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 4.36.35 PM

Hi, My name is Steven. Currently, I’m a senior majoring in Biomedical Sciences and the culture chair for the J-Club 2015. I love to sing, read books, cook, watch movies / anime and try different types of cuisine. Born in America, I have always been fascinated with many different Asian cultures such as Japan. Understanding a culture’s foundation and its customs has lead me to join many different Asian organizations throughout my years at USF. I have been a member with the J-club since my junior year and I learned many aspects of Japan . From the Anime to the amazing food, the Japanese culture is truly captivating and I hope to express this appreciation with everyone.

Sean Fung-On

Marketing Chair


My name is Sean Fung-On. I am a descendent of Chinese origin and currently am the marketing chair for the University of South Florida Japanese Club. I am a senior level within USF undergraduate biology field and enjoy learning about other cultures. I have recently sparked interest with the unique Japanese culture and have taken a seat upon its ruling council. I love to read, draw, sing and just have fun with those I call friends.

Chris Llanes

Social Chair


My name is Chris Llanes. I am a senior at USF majoring in information systems. I am the social chair of the J-Club and hope to bring my knowledge of the Japanese language and culture into meetings and events by making interesting games that reflect on Japanese values. I have been studying Japanese language for over 2 years and have recently returned from a study abroad trip to the country itself, I hope to use these experiences to help make the J-Club have its best year yet! I have been riding longboards for 3 years and recently have been trying to learn “free-line skating”, I love outdoor activies!

BinhYen Ta

Decorations Chair


Name: Binhyen Ta

Senior at USF

Major: Biomedical Science Minor: Spanish

Career goal: Optometry WHY? I make origami when I was small and I want to use my talent for the club. Not only that, but I love to read manga and watch anime.

Hobbies? Read manga watch anime, or cat video, cat lover, practice karaoke in the car

Madelle Ferrer



Hi! My name is Madelle Ferrer, and I am a second-year student majoring in Cell & Molecular Biology. Japan has always fascinated me growing up, from their rich culture, to their advance technology,and more! I actually stumbled upon this club by volunteering at their Haru Matsuri Spring Festival and attending their Valentine’s Day event, which I dragged my friends Naila and Sarah to. Anyways, during my free time when I’m not freaking out over schoolwork or life in general, I like to dance, run marathons, do yoga, and practice lyra (a form of aerial arts)!

Sarah Jarema



Hello! My name is Sarah Jarema and I’m a sophomore majoring in Health Sciences with a concentration in Biological Health Sciences. I’m Chinese, but still have a love for Japanese culture. I was adopted from China when I was 15 months old, so I never learned the language, and can only speak English, but I would love to change that and learn some Japanese. I discovered this club through my two good friends who are also on the executive board, Madelle and Naila, and I’m so happy I did! This club is a lot of fun, is educational, and has tons of friendly members! I tend to be on the shy side before meeting people, but feel free to say hi! 

Naila Hossain

Public Relations


Minasankon’nichiwa! My name is Fariha Hossain, although you can call me Naila. 🙂 I’m a sophomore at USF studying Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Public Health. I sort of accidentally joined J-Club late April when my position was open & they needed a hero to take over, aka me. Lucky for me, both my friends Sarah & Madelle were already on E-Board so the rest of J-Club has to deal with our havoc. Nonetheless, I enjoy the people I’ve met through this club & the hilarious skype conversations we have. I’m from New York & my ethnicity is Bengali. I can only speak 2 languages & read 3. I do have an interest in learning conversational Japanese & just like my fellow E-board members, I too am in love with anime, manga, Japanese snacks, fashion, & songs. My favorite manga hands down is MARS & I love watching Studio Ghibli films (I’ve watched all). If you have any questions regarding Public Relations, or anything else about J-Club, you can come to me!

Janet Elliot

Digital Design


My name is Janet Elliott. I am a fourth year marketing student. I have also been studying Japanese for the past three years. After I graduate, I plan to use digital art and graphic design in my career. In my free time I like to sing and dance. よろしくお願いします。

Senior Adviser:  Jillian Azares

Senior Adviser: Risa Ton


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