About Us



The mission of the Japanese Club (J-Club) is to preserve Japanese culture and showcase its diverse and intriguing attributes to the USF campus. Our purpose is to enrich the USF community and surrounding areas with Japanese culture through socials, events, meetings, and other means of interaction. Our goal is to bridge the gap that lies between the U.S. and Japan’s cultures in order to create a network for those who are interested in Japanese culture, including Japanese language students. At the same time, we also hope to reach out to the international Japanese society and exchange students. Each year, we host several large cultural events and elaborate workshops to fulfill these goals. This past academic year, our organization has grown tremendously, hosting many successful events, drawing new members and bringing diversity and culture to the USF campus.

Who We Are

The Japanese Club at USF was formed during the summer of 2009 by Carlos Hernandez, with the mission of enriching the USF community and surrounding areas with Japanese culture. After only four short years as an official organization, the Japanese Club has become capable of hosting a wide array of events, ranging from small elaborate workshops to large-scale banquets and festivals. The driving force behind J-Club is the executive board that works together to carry out all of the club functions and events. At the heart of J-Club are the members; without them, the club would not have grown as successful as it is. As a club, we strive to become a prominent force in the USF, Tampa Bay and Japanese community. We believe strongly in education, diversity, and acceptance, and by bringing people together through the common interest of Japanese culture, we hope to foster these ideals in the hearts and minds of the people within our community.

To learn more about J-Club’s activities and events throughout the year, check out our J-Club Portfolio.

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